Your stay

The check-in and check-out process for the camper port is contactless. The site overview and the following information will help you. You can also ask any of our colleagues at the yard for help and advice. Please read the rules for the premises at the bottom of this page.

Arriving and checking in

  • Check-in from 11:30 a.m. on arrival day / Check-out by 11:00 a.m. on departure day
  • If you arrive at night, please call our night guard on +49 30 42219955 and he will be happy to help you find your way through the dark.
  • We recommend disposing of grey water and replenishing fresh water immediately after arrival at our bus port. Please position your outlet directly above the paved area and as close as possible to the drain.
  • The integrated faeces disposal system used here originates from the coach sector and is not fully suitable for cassette toilets, but nevertheless possible. Please leave the site as you would like to find it.
  • You can use the Adblue service from Monday to Friday during the workshop's business hours.
  • You can also book your camper wash at these times and receive technical support for minor problems.
  • Once you reach the booked site, please go to the cash machine in the marina to buy a harbour card (Hafenkarte) and add credit. There is a 3 euro deposit which will be refunded on departure.
  • The harbour card is used to activate the desired outlet of the power column.

During your stay

  • The harbour card gives you access to the bathroom facilities in the marina. Hold your card against the card reader to the right of the doorway.
  • There are three bathroom units available.
  • To unlock the shower, hold your harbour card against the sensor again.
  • Fresh water at the camping site: you can use the fresh water stand on the jetty at the edge of the harbour, which means that you do not have to move to the bus port again.
  • This service is also activated with the harbour card.
  • Please try to fill up your water tank in the early morning hours, since the harbour is very busy later in the day due to guests from the restaurants and boat rentals.
  • The refuse area for household and glass waste is located across the yard at the end of the Hafenküche restaurant.
  • You can deposit your empty bottles at the empties container or use the deposit bags at the harbour master's office.
  • In addition to the main entrance with pedestrian gate, there is another pedestrian gate behind the patio of the Hafenküche restaurant.

Activities and culinary delights

  • Our twice-yearly newsletter "Flaschenpost" (Message in a bottle) provides information about what we have to offer in an entertaining way.
  • The Hafenküche has a wide range of dishes and is one of the top restaurants in the city (we recommend making a reservation).
  • There is a well-priced lunch menu during the week from 12:00 noon.
  • Want breakfast or catering in your camper van? No problem.
  • In the evening we offer à la carte with first class wines.
  • The Spreedeck is open in the summer and on nice days and serves delicious food from the grill.
  • The barbecue area is available for booking.
  • The trampoline in the barbecue area is always available for your children to play on as long as it has not been booked for exclusive use.
  • We recommend taking a trip on one of our Spree boats, particularly on weekdays to take advantage of great rates. Feel free to team up with your campsite neighbours and discover the city centre by boat (you can go as far as Oberbaumbrücke without a boating licence).
  • The Citymarina has ideal public and local transport access. You can be in the city centre in just a few minutes.
  • Trendy clubs and modern exhibitions can be found in the immediate vicinity, as well as a padel hall for Europe's hottest trend sport.

Rules for the premises

It is only possible to offer this service for campers because all the businesses on the site have given their consent and are providing parts of their facilities. As a result, some important rules and special danger warnings must be observed.

  • The main tenants are 3 large bus companies that run their business in the yard 24/7. Playing, cycling, skating and running around in the area of the bus yard and especially at the canal is extremely dangerous.
  • The Spree is a flowing body of water with treacherous currents, please ensure that you supervise your children when they are in the area of the marina.
  • The harbour master has life jackets available for a deposit, including for the very small children weighing at least 3 kg.
  • Swimming in the marina is not permitted, as there is too much recreational boat traffic in the harbour.
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter the workshop even when the roller shutter doors are open, as commercial vehicle pits could be open.
  • Out of respect for the catering services of the Hafenküche, barbecuing or cooking outside your camper is not permitted, except if you have booked the official barbecue area. You are welcome to arrange this with your campsite neighbours if you wish to rent it together.
  • You may set up a camping chair and table right next to your camper.
  • The extension of awnings is not permitted.
  • Please ensure that bicycles, e-bikes and scooters are secured against storms. Ensure they are not a tripping hazard for our night guards or service staff after sunset.
  • There is no parking available in the yard for any accompanying cars.
  • Motorbikes can be parked within the booked parking space.
  • Please respect the "private" areas of the yard, such as the tree house, and the private area of the marina for permanent berths.
  • Despite the hustle and bustle in the yard, many animals feel very much at home here. There is a beaver that lives in the jetty area, a swan family that comes to the marina every year to breed, and many birds that live in the impressive willows on the site.

Hier you will find our T&Cs.

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